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Inspired Design

We’ve worked tirelessly on both our exteriors and interiors to craft homes that offer a seamless blend of form and function, perfect for second-home, vacation living. Together with Retreats—a comprehensive design and planning firm specializing in resort and community development—we’ve incorporated magnificent great rooms, open kitchens, and superb details to create vacation homes that are at once cozy, casual, and elegant. Or, in a word –inspired. So go ahead and throw another log in the towering stacked stone fireplace, sit back, and listen as your family recounts another perfect day on vacation.
Soucie Horner

Soucie Horner

Shea Soucie is passionate about architecture, design and form. Her ability to translate a client’s wishes into defined space allows Soucie Horner to go beyond the realm of traditional interior design and create floorplans with graceful proportions, appealing sight lines and a gracious flow among rooms.

Soucie attended the E`cole Speciale d’Architecture in Paris and the Art Institute of Chicago, earning a degree in interior architecture. Exposure to the scale and proportion of Europe’s Classical architecture, in addition to the Modern and Art Deco architectural landmarks of Chicago, provided touchstones for her broad visual portfolio.

Before striking out on her own with Martin Horner in 2000, Soucie worked as a design partner for five years at a residential design firm in Chicago. She resides with her husband, Chris and their two young children, Charles and Carin, in Chicago.

Communities We Build In:

Soulmark Vacation Homes - Edgewater

Edgewater - Fishing Creek Lake, South Carolina

The architectural style of Edgewater is best described as a fresh interpretation of casual lakeside living. Heavily influenced by Carolina vernacular architecture, these designs take their architectural cues from comfortable and casual homes, with numerous windows, covered decks, screened porches, and sunrooms—all often found in homes throughout the Carolinas. In Edgewater, the symmetry and classic proportions of windows help create a cohesive neighborhood look and feel. Minimal detailing on columns and exterior trim give the homes a clean, timeless look. And varying home colors and material palettes help visually identify each distinct neighborhood, all while promoting a sense of community.

That way, whether you’re putting on the 18th green or strolling along a pedestrian path to the community Meeting House, you’ll know exactly which of the seven beautiful neighborhoods you’re enjoying.

View Edgewater Floorplans

Soulmark Vacation Homes - Edgewater

Village of Byron - Lake Waveland, Indiana

Graceful, modest and beautiful, the homes of The Lakeside Village of Byron exist in perfect harmony with their surroundings. Inspired by farmhouse vernacular, these homes feature classically proportioned windows, screened porches, and brick fireplaces all enhanced by a contemporary open floorplan and high-end finishes. A front porch on every house promotes the charm of a social neighborhood, while the addition of secondary structures allow for more intimate courts in the rear yard. White clusters of homes, accented by traditionally colored secondary buildings, offer a picturesque and iconic view either from the lake, and as you arrive to this peaceful lakeside village.

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Soulmark Vacation Homes - Edgewater

1780 - Lake James, North Carolina

The architecture of the homes at Lake James is heavily influenced by mountain vernacular, incorporating natural cedar siding and meticulously selected colors that reflect the beauty of the surrounding environment. Generous lots separate the homes, giving each their own private mountaintop retreat, and each home features three to four bedrooms, customizable high-end finishes, ten-foot ceilings, large rear windows, rear decks, and screened-in porches, which allow you to connect with nature from the comfort of your own mountain sanctuary.

View Edgewater Floorplans

Soulmark Vacation Homes